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Speak clearly and answer in full sentences.Don't speak too softly.


Look at the examiner and maintain eye contact when possible.Don't give yes or no answers.


Ask for something to be repeated if you do not understand what you are expected to do.Don't try to be somebody else - just relax and answer the questions as well as you can.


Take the time to plan for Part 2.Don't worry about speaking too much - the examiner will control the timing of your responses.


Vary the words and phrases you use.Don't try to give a rehearsed speech.


Be well-mannered and respectful throughout

the interview.

Don't stop trying throughout the interview.



1. Become comfortable speaking in English - that means speaking in English as often as possible. Find friends or colleagues who will speak to you in English.

2. Practice the different parts of the interview with different people. Build your vocabulary and discuss different topics.

3. Familiarize yourself with different grammatical structures - practice using difficult structures like conditionals and standard introductory phrases like:

" Well, in my opinion ...".

4. Record yourself taking the practice test interviews and critically listen to yourself. If possible, ask a teacher or native-speaker to give you feedback on your performance.

    Focus on any systematic errors that appear.

5. Read about the speaking module in 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS and use the prepared questions to practice your interview style.

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