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Định vị xe máy  Features TR21 wireless car locator.


Install a Định vị ô tô không dây  , when lending, renting or stealing, you can completely monitor directly through the software on your computer, monitor directly on your phone with 3G, WiFi or you can send SMS to know. location of the vehicle.



TK03 is equipped with a backup battery of up to 6800mAh, ensuring the device to operate up to 10-20 days. Standby time can be up to 60 hours.


- In case of standing still, the sensor inside the device will detect and activate the "sleep" state. Before activating the "sleep" state, the device will send the current location data to the server for the last time, and then go to sleep. When in the "sleep" state, the device will not transmit data to the server and uses almost no energy.

- When in a state of "sleeping" switch to motion (illegal movement, impacted by impact),

4. GPS

Chips and GSM Chips Using GPS chips and GSM chips of the world's leading reputable companies. GPS receiver chip with high sensitivity. GSM chip works on all 4 bands 850/900/1800/1900Mhz.

5. GPS Antenna AND GSM

Antenna The GPS antenna and GSM antenna are integrated on the PCB inside the TR21 Wireless Navigation, with the highest level of reception. Removing the signal wire from the antenna makes the installation of the device much simpler.


The integration of LBS positioning technology will help locate even without GPS waves, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring when the vehicle is in a signal position. Poor or very weak GPS.


In addition to supporting LBS positioning, the TR21 locator is also supported with AGPS positioning to increase accurate positioning with faster processing speed. Quick positioning even when indoors, in places where GPS is obscured, on bad weather days...

Car Locator Wireless With Eavesdropping

Connecting an additional recording microphone makes monitoring with a TR21 locator easier and more versatile. Send a message or simply call the Wireless Car Locator directly. You will monitor the sound around the vehicle with a radius of up to 5m! Installing Mobile Phone Locator


When installing a wireless car locator, you are provided with an account to use on the tracking application.

1. Download T-Track Pro app:

2. Instructions for installing Tr21 Wireless Car Navigation Software

- On iOS operating system (iphone) go to the App store to search for T-Track Pro to download and install the application

- On Android operating system, go to CH Play to search for T-Track Pro to download and install the application.

- After installing the T-Track Pro application, it will appear on the main screen of the phone.

Instructions for logging in to your Motorcycle Locator account on T-Track Pro

- Step 1: Click on the T-Track Pro icon The main interface will appear to login to the server, account and password.

- Step 2: Enter the login website, account name and password activated when purchasing the product.

- Step 3: After filling in all the information, press log in to enter the management interface.

In addition, we also have cheap Motorcycle Locator products. for detective services ,

you have a need to Install a 10 . Decree Dash Camera Please contact: định vị xe máy không dây  dịch vụ thám tử

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